Those cats I love are gone


She died in November 2002 of a severe case of cancer. She lived in the vicinity of my parents' home.

A few years ago in the garden on a warm summer day. She tolerated the photo session I made this day.
In 2002. It was summer, too, but she already was so ill.
I loved her so much. Tine sent her more than twice, when I had lot of problems. 

She was not treated as a respected person, but as an animal (German: "Tier") by her pet owner. 


They said Charly was a tomcat. Sorry, that's wrong. Charly is a girl. Once she was sent by Tine to look after me while I was staying at my parents' home. She had an impressive voice: she and Jule, her gf-cat in the neighborhood (see above), sang duetts some nights. But Charly disappeared. Maybe her humans relocated - may be she was caught by a criminal may be she found new friends.


She died in July 1998 after a common German cat life: so sweet as a kitty, then thrown away, a lot of folks who said "O dear, isn't she cute!" before they kept their doors closed. My sister Christine was the last address. Christine became her real mother, she nursed the chronically ill cat, she gave her last dime for the vet to getting her better. Mucki was Christine's guardian spirit in her sleeping room and in her dreams (I guess).

I met Mucki some years ago, she was so shy, and was living outdoors at that time:

Schwarzer Rücken, weißer Bauch und weiß
Bist du jetzt, liegend
Unter dem Schneehimmel, läufst du
Durch die weißen Wälder: die VIELEN KATZEN
Warten auf dich: die von den Kölner Straßen
Der A555, der A1, der A59
Die, vom Vollmond ermunternd, aus den
Ruinen dieses Landes flohen


Unknown / Unbekannt

Hier ruht auf nassem
Asphalt, dicht an Euren Rädern
Mein Körper: ich klage
Niemanden an, Ihr habt
Keine Zeit
Mein Augenblick kommt
Wenn ich Dich sehe
Und Deiner Seele
Das Genick breche


auf der A59
zwischen dreieck st-augustin
und bonn-beuel
am 8. März 1999

you're true, my true living
having gone long
yesterday or 7, hundreds, thousands
of years ago

you're living in the future, my true
loving, having been some minutes ago
in the darkness of my room

where the moon, the tiger, the
sibirean sun was drumming
tiger and bear dancing: you're
always trotting and singing

let us go then, you and i
where the lamps of men blown away
the end of the phenomena starts
let's trotting, singing, dancing
over the green hills and the earth

Dead black footed cat


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last update: 19.05.2018