Declaration of principles

1. We do not believe in one or more "higher" beings, inhabiting "otherworlds". Yet we do know about the existence of spirits, "spirits like you and me", with whom we inhabit the very same world.

2. We are not affiliated with any religion in the sense common to these parts: with churches, parishes, governing boards and priests, who own a privileged access to higher beings. Everyone of us is on a par with others, and may contact spirits as s/he likes.

3. Some, who conventionally are called shamans (from Evenki šamān via Russian), have been picked by spirits. Their job is to see to spirits. They do not practice "spirit healing" within the realm of alternative medicine (like "shamen" in these parts at least promise to do).

4. All beings, those who at present are incarnated, those who once were and those who will be in the future, as well as those who never were and never will be, are spirits. To these belong not only animals and plants, but also celestial bodies. Our Earth is a living being, and we inhabit her "fur", the so-called biosphere.

5. We do not engange in missionary work, we do not want to convert. We merely turn to the public to give people, who view themselves as animists, if they like the opportunity to engage in networking.

6. We do not pursue political or ideological goals, we do not plan social change. We do think that the path a majority of humankind has chosen to pursue unevitably will invite desaster, but only they as individuals can reach such an insight. We do not interfere with their struggle, we do not provide counseling.

7. We are living in a country of the so-called Western Civilization. Unlike our sisters and brothers in Africa, Asia, Australia, Oceania and the Americas we at times do not form communities. Our platform may serve to enable exctly this around here, too. It would be nice to partake in communities to live and survive through the times of social upheaval ahead of us. Therefore we have to overcome isolation and start to communicate.